Boone Theatre

818 Story St

Boone, IA

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Boone Theatre in Boone

Theater - Family Place

Prices: Every night - $3 with free popcorn on Wednesday! Great combonation deals: #1 - 2 Large Drinks, 1 Large Popcorn (FREE Refills!) - $11 #2 - 2 Medium Drinks, 1 Medium Popcorn - $10 #3 - Kid's Combo...Pop, popcorn, M & Ms - $4 #4 - Pepsi Combo...1 Large Drink, 1 Medium Popcorn - $7 Sunday Matinee - Match & Win - - There are numbers on the bottom of the drink cups and popcorn tubs, at the end of the show a number and a container is chosen. If you have that number you will recieve a coupon or pass. Generally new movies start on Fridays. *9:00 Show times vary depending on length of 7:00 movie. Call or check online for exact 9:00 time. Call or check online for holiday and summer hours! (Generally more shows for holidays and summer)
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Dress as character of the movie & recieve coupon
Sunday Matinee Match and Win (read description)
Great Combo Deals (Read Description)
Free bag of popcorn on Wednesdays
Friday - 7:00 9:00*
Saturday - 7:00 9:00*
Sunday - 2:00 7:00
Monday - 7:00
Tuesday - 7:00
Wednesday - 7:00 (FREE bag of popcorn)
Thursday - 7:00
Holds about 300 people. Teenagers and Kids are well-behaved. Strict policy on Cell Phones, and behavior. Routine walk throughs of the auditorium to make sure that everyone is behaving and cell phones
User Reviews & Comments
August 2, 2011 starno starno starno starno star
This place is awful. It looks great with the new renovations, don‘t get me wrong, but it is the worst movie theater I have ever been to. The movies are always awful. They rarely show a good one, which can be really annoying. With the renovations, they raised the price. Which is also annoying considering the movies suck. The employees are always goofing around with other noncustomers and it‘s always very loud and just looks plain tacky... Although that‘s fitting for Boone, I suppose. Come here if you want to see a crappy movie with lousy customer service!
Added by samkelly August 31, 2007 starstarstarstarstar
I really enjoyed the cheap ticket prices! Only $3! WOW! And the Combos are really good deals also! Especially the number one. It‘s unlimited popcorn and pop for 2+ people for only $11! It‘s great!
August 10, 2006
When I was a child growing up in Boone this was a great modern theater that would be crowded about every weekend. It has been greatly ignored in the years since the attempted building of the Multi-plex in Boone. The Multi-plex collapsed during it‘s construction, which would have meant that Boone would have had one before Ames did. While it has great potential it will never live up to it until some people who care take over ownership of it. However it is very low cost for new movies which is made up for in the extremely high cost of eating there.
July 13, 2005
A great discount theatre for new movies. Movie selection is great. Usually not that crowded, large theatre. Free popcorn wednesday is a nice feature.