Cinemark North Grand 5

2801 Grand Avenue

Ames, IA



5 movie screens here, and it only costs between $1.00$2.00 a ticket depending on the day and time. Look for your favorite movies here a few months after they leave the major theaters. A great place to go watch sweet movies like Casino Royale and The Departed a dozen times in a row.
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Cheap movies!
Wednesday $1.00 day
Fri/Sat Evenings after 6pm $2.00
All other showtimes $1.50
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May 2, 2013 starstarstarstarno star
Can‘t beat getting two tickets for under $5.00! My only complaint is that they seem to get almost every movie that comes out, especially the horrible ones. Seems like they keep the crappy ones there forever and the good movies are there for only a week :(
Added by e.nelson November 16, 2011 starstarstarstarno star
$3.50 for a 3d movie isn‘t bad, but i love the dollar showings
December 16, 2009 starstarstarstarno star
ive never had a problem with the popcorn. its true about the first showing, but thats why i never go that early...its still cheap for the later shows. the workers for the past year that ive been going have all seemed to be really nice. everyone has bad days, but dont we all. also to comment on the temp thing, just ask someone. i know an employee that works here and they just tell managment and they always push the temp up like 5 degrees they say. supposedly the only way they can change temps is to override a system which is controlled at the main cinemark office or something. i have no idea why they cant control their own thermostats, but apparently thats what cinemark does. i gave it a good rating only because sometimes the workers dont do the best job at keeping the place clean, but overall $2 for a movie is still one hell of a good deal.
March 30, 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Best place ever. The first showing of everyday is $.75 per person, and Wednesdays are $1.00 !
January 15, 2008 starstarstarno starno star
Everything is okay to us, except the temperature. We love to go to movies, but we go to few because we are cold in the theater. And we usually can‘t get anyone to turn up the heat much. They say that they will, but we usually can‘t tell whether they actually have or not. I‘ve said before that I would be willing to pay a lot more just to have some comfort. Well, they raised the prices, but it seems colder than ever. Even my friends who usually tolerate cold well are uncomfortable. Last time we went, others in the theater kept their hats, coats, and gloves on. I pulled my hood over my head and pulled my sweatshirt up over my face. Then I felt warm enough, but I couldn‘t enjoy the movie. So, what‘s the purpose of going.
I guess that I should have rated it "poor," but now the software won‘t let me change it.
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