Mongolian Buffet

1620 S Kellogg Ave #103

Ames, IA

Mongolian Buffet in Ames

Restaurant - Mongolian

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June 14, 2013 starno starno starno starno star
I don‘t know why this place is still in business. The buffet is terrible, especially compared to King Buffet across the street. Every time I have been in there it has been very dirty and the food is pretty bad. The whole buffet set up is weird, there is roast beef, garlic bread, sushi, mongolian grill, etc. I wish they would do one thing well instead of a bunch of bad food piled together.
May 15, 2013 starstarno starno starno star
Really frustrating not to have anyone that speaks English well enough to complain to! I‘ve went there & ordered the buffet since they opened & have always enjoyed their tempura sushi-they‘ve fried us an entire sushi roll & brought it to our table or asked me to pick out sushi for them to tempura! Recently, I went there for lunch & was told they only have that at dinner time. So last night I took my friend there for his first time to try the tempura sushi & was told "we don‘t have that today!" It‘s SO infuriating to go somewhere to eat something SPECIFIC & they never have it anymore! And I asked while paying if there was anyone I could speak to that understands English well & was told "no" about that too! So I think my if my reason for going will never be there, there‘s no reason for me to go or take my friends ever again!!! UUGGHH!
Added by e.nelson November 16, 2011 starstarno starno starno star
only for the grill, never for the buffet.
October 29, 2011 starno starno starno starno star
Food is mediocre. Hu Hot (in Ankeny and Des Moines) has a far better quality Mongolian grill. Buffet food is also low quality here. Service is consistently poor. We began to suspect that the server was not returning our original drinking glasses to each of us, and was mixing them up between guests at our table. As an experiment, we marked our glasses discretely, and watched to see what would happen. It quickly became obvious that our server did not keep track of drinking glasses; there were three of us with Diet Coke -- our markings showed that two of us got each other‘s glasses, and one of us got a glass from a different table, with a used straw. Disgusting.
October 7, 2011 starstarno starno starno star
This place is bottom barrel buffet. Even the Mongolian grill portion leaves you wanting better quality ingrediants. Pluses: A lot of food for Cheap, Green Tea Ice Cream that you can sneak out for later, pretty good sushi bar. Negative: CRAP food quality, especially the "american" food choices, Sticky booths, messy mongolian buffet area, Horrible salad bar.
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