El Azteca

Monster Margaritas!

1520 S Dayton Ave

Ames, IA

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El Azteca in Ames

Restaurant - Mexican

What can I say? Simply the best mexican food in Ames, and the prices can't be beat. Friendly, courteous staff straight from Mexico will serve you hot, authentic mexican food such that you'll swear you've crossed the border.
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Smoke Free
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Sun - Fri: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sat: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
93 User Reviews & Comments
February 21, 2014 starstarstarstarstar
This is hands down, my favorite mexican restaurant in Ames. The salsa/chips are amazing as is everything I‘ve tried there. Best service in Ames: quick, friendly, and always consistent in excellent food quality!

We often go there with large groups of 10-15 people and they always can get us seated fast. They do very well with large groups and getting the food out fast.

Wonderful place to check out!
January 20, 2014 starstarstarstarstar
My friends and family‘s favorite place. Fast, yummy, and the sweetest waiters around. After O‘Malley‘s closed we were so bummed, but this place is a good replacement.
January 5, 2014 starno starno starno starno star
The food was okay. The beans are a tiny bit less runny than at Cazador‘s but that was about the only difference.

Service good for pre-dinner drinks and dinner, but then we practically had to throw bricks at the 6 waiters just standing around for refills/more drink orders.

The big thing, though, is don‘t bother if there are more than 4 in your party. They had 7 weeks prior notice for a group of 21, and -- the night before when I called (for the fourth time) for final confirmation -- said they "don‘t take reservations." (Why didn‘t they mention that the first three times I‘d called?) They did manage to figure it out when all 21 of us were standing inside the door, but I spoke to the manager before I left. (To compliment him on the fact that they‘d evidently decided they wanted our business.) TWICE (yes, twice, because I wasn‘t sure he understood what I said the first time) the manager told me that they "didn‘t want the business" of large groups.

If you‘ve got more than 4 in your group, and you want Mexican food, go to Cazador‘s.
December 31, 2013 starstarstarstarstar
We ate here Sunday late afternoon. The food was served fast, hot, excellent quality. In other words fantastic. Our family will be back again. Whenever I am in Ames, I‘ll be stopping for another bowl of their Tortilla Soup!!

Have already told many of my friends about El Azteca.
December 16, 2013 starstarstarstarno star
I keep going back there time and time again because they have great food and excellent, friendly and fast service. A prime example of this was just this past Friday. We decided to go there on the evening of the Iowa-ISU basketball game, figuring there‘d be a huge wait. They told us 45 minutes and we were in after 20. The friendly waiter took our orders and our food was hot and on the table in 8 minutes. They always seem to have the food ready quickly, which tells me they are a very good restaurant with competent owners that care about their customer‘s needs. It‘s just hard to find anything wrong with the place. Great prices, great food and friendly service. El Azteca is the best Mexican restaurant in Story County by far.
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