415 Lincoln Way

Ames, IA

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Mandarin in Ames

Restaurant - Chinese

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Smoke Free
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January 2, 2014 starno starno starno starno star
Disgusting food. I had to go here multiple times for work because my boss loved it. To me, the food is bland and boring. One time, my tofu dish literally tasted like urine. It was so disgusting. Try May House instead!
July 2, 2013 starstarstarstarstar
It was fantasticly hot and spicy beef!
February 24, 2013 starno starno starno starno star
Got a great parking spot on a Saturday night and most of the diners had their food when we were seated. After deciding what we wanted we closed our menus and I checked the time. Another 5 minutes went by and still had not been talked to by any of the staff or made eye contact with us. The person I thought might be our server came out after 5 minutes when people got seated next to us and was very friendly to them and brought them tea. My husband needed to be to work and I thought after 10 minutes we had waited long enough for service so we put on our coats and left. My first time there for dinner and don‘t think I will try it again.
February 4, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Ames, and by far my favorite Chinese restaurant here. I love their food (the potstickers are especially good), and the staff is all really nice and friendly. Pretty much any time family or friends visit I take them here.
Added by e.nelson November 16, 2011 starstarstarno starno star
My wife‘s food was great, but mine was terrible, didn‘t eat half of it, and told the server I really didn‘t like it. he just looked at me, said okay and took it.
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