King Buffet

1311 Buckeye Ave

Ames, IA

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King Buffet in Ames

Restaurant - Chinese

King Buffet has a good amount of seating and a large Chinese buffet, hence the name.
starstarstarno starno star 3/5 with 117 votes
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Smoke Free
61 User Reviews & Comments
January 25, 2013 starstarstarstarno star
My kids and I have always had good experiences here. The food is fresh, hot and good. It is often very busy, but they move people in and out quickly, so there is rarely a wait!
December 24, 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Love the place! So much food to choose from and for Americanized-Chinese it‘s just fine. We‘ve been there enough, they know us and welcome us with smiles. English isn‘t the greatest...but neither is my Chinese. A very good salad bar and dessert selection. It‘s a buffet - and their turnover is large. Good place to eat casually. And without great expense.
July 18, 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Amazing, as far as Americanized Chinese food goes.
July 8, 2011 starstarstarno starno star
I work at the theater right next to it. I eat there every so often. The food is super greasy and old
April 28, 2011 starstarstarstarstar
Love it! It‘s one of my favorite places to go.
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