Battle's Bar-B-Q

Texas style BBQ

218 Welch Ave

Ames, IA

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Battle's Bar-B-Q in Ames

Restaurant - BBQ

Settling into their new location, Battle's BBQ brings the same zesty BBQ flavors to a new address. The pulled pork or beef sandwiches are great, and Texas toast is unrivaled this side of the Mason/Dixon. (Ribs are rivaled in Ames only by this place). Their homemade sauces will have you coming back for more.
starstarstarno starno star 3.1/5 with 374 votes
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Homemade sauce
Excellent Texas Toast
Great sandwiches
Price Range
moneymoneyno moneyno money Moderately Expensive
Mon - Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm
89 User Reviews & Comments
July 26, 2013 starno starno starno starno star
Went in and was just simply asking the guy at the counter how big the portions where because I was pretty hungry and the guy was rude and pretty much wasted 10 minutes of my time I didn‘t have! Then when my co-worker and I got our food it was cold! And we didn‘t have time to wait for them to make us something else so we just ate the food we ordered!

I wouldn‘t suggest going here unless you want cold food and also the BBQ sauce and baked beans was not fit to eat at all!
June 2, 2013 starstarstarstarstar
Best BBQ in Ames, the beef sandwiches are amazing. Delicious lemonade, clean surroundings, friendly staff and a nice calm atmosphere.
January 5, 2013 starstarstarstarstar
Best BBQ n I‘m from Texas. Not the same since Mr.Battle retired though
November 1, 2012 starstarstarstarstar
Excellent is the least you can say about Battle‘s Bar-B-Q.
October 2, 2012 starstarstarstarno star
To the person that said the sandwiches are juicier now: liquid weight means they don‘t have to give you as much meat. The price increases are ridiculous coupled with this and the last time I was there the lemonade no longer tasted how it used to; it was watered down. Obviously things haven‘t been the same since George died but the new management especially doesn‘t seem to understand the notion of southern hospitality. Also, the new vegan sandwich is just pure comedy.
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