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The atmosphere was pretty good. Clean. Good music. Lots of games and drinks were priced well. With all that being said the reason I gave it a bad review is essentially some of the staff. No matter how put together a place is, customer service is essential. I went to the bar to get a drink, it took a few minutes for the bartender to even see I was there. (He was watching the television above the bar.) Once I got his attention and ordered he started making it and forgot half way through what I had ordered. Then when payment time came, (I didn‘t realize the place was cash only.), instead of politely telling me it was cash only he condesendingly shook his head at me while informing me the ATM was in the back. When I brought the cash back and paid he gave me the wrong change back. After showing him the change and some snippy comments he gave me the correct change. Then the drink wasn‘t even correct. All I wanted was a Captain Diet Coke after class and got a Captain Coke instead. I heard Welch had good F.A.C. specials and decided to try it. After this fiasco I think I‘ll just keep going to Estas.
it is the best!!! Regarding the person that wanted extra free , what a dope. Freeloader!
While the gardens are very beautiful and well taken care of, I would advise anyone planning a wedding here to reconsider. The staff has their own agenda as far as weather they like you and feel they need to impose fees on you not in your contract. After our wedding, we were threatened with charges as well as harassment by head staff for disputing "made up" fines against us. The wedding was perfect but the after math was anything but. If you‘d like more details feel free to contact me.
This is hands down, my favorite mexican restaurant in Ames. The salsa/chips are amazing as is everything I‘ve tried there. Best service in Ames: quick, friendly, and always consistent in excellent food quality! We often go there with large groups of 10-15 people and they always can get us seated fast. They do very well with large groups and getting the food out fast. Wonderful place to check out!
I like coming here, because the bartenders and clientele are always friendly.